Jaylen Strong X #UNMUTED

Marvin Gaye said there are three things for sure in this life: taxes, death, and trouble. Jaylen Strong takes us down into the NYC subway to remind us of a fourth. Watch it unfold.

IG: @unmuted.tv

Talent: Jaylen T. Strong
IG: @jaylentstrong

Cofounder + Director: Alexandra Gavillet
IG: @alexandragavillet

Creative Director: Alyssa Buono
IG: @julysky20

DP: Aysia Marotta
IG: @aysiamarotta

DP: Justin Harmond
IG: @jharmony43

#UNMUTED is a series that showcases influentials releasing their inner voices in the most intimate part of the city, the subway. The project launched after the 2016 election to promote community and equality amid the socio-political turmoil of 2016. Mass media has created a superficial reality of our humanity. We're a movement that genuinely connects the subject to the audience through raw, personal storytelling. The subway is the most public, unifying level of the city. By featuring an influential stripping their mask of fame, it rekindles what it means to be human again and restores hope in humanity.